New Class and Mini-Games In Store For MapleStory M

New Class and Mini-Games In Store For MapleStory M

MapleStory M has been quite successful since it’s launch on iOS and Android in July of 2018, but the flow of content is not stopping, with a swathe of new additions incoming.

The 10+ million players of the game are soon to be getting a new class, in the form of Evan, a new magician Dragon-Master class as well as new seasonal events and mini-games ensuring that it’ll be even harder for players to let go of the game. Evan, who is the master of the powerful Onyx Dragon Mir, has the ability to summon his trusty fire-breathing assistant into battle, use said firey breath to take out opponents, and can fly around on the dragons back.

Four new mini-games will be entering the fold and will be housed at a “Mini-Game Station”. With accumulated coins from the station, you can then make a series of purchases at the Mini-Game Shop. The details of what these mini-games are yet to have been detailed. As for the upcoming events, well they’re plentiful with full details outlined below:

  • Evan Burning Event  – Through January 17, Evan characters between levels 3 – 75 will be given 2 bonus levels each time they level up 1 level
  • Evan update celebration – Through January 2, all players will receive special rewards including Buff Pets to help playing the game
  • Evan Growth Support Event – Through January 24, Special Growth Support Boxes, which include 3 stages of “Dragon Mount,” Evan exclusive chair and medal are given as players level up the new Evan class
  • Christmas Tree Decoration Event – Between December 24 to January 5, players can decorate Christmas trees with ornaments to earn Tree EXP for rewards
  • New Year’s Attendance Event – Between January 1 to January 24, players who log-in for 14 days anytime during the event period will receive Unique Accessory Draw Ticket, Equipment Support Box, pets and various rewards
  • Golden Pig Dice Event – Between January 10 to January 24, players can celebrate Golden Pig Year by obtaining special rewards from the board by rolling dice

That there is plenty of content for MapleStory M players to enjoy, and you can be sure to expect much more in the coming weeks and months ahead

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