The 2019 Bethesda E3 Conference Summary

The 2019 Bethesda E3 Conference Summary

The next show was Bethesda and we got a bit of mixed bag. Some new games, some questionable choices and a big chunk of Doom.

  • First up was an Elder Scrolls Blades update. New modes and quests coming tonight but perhaps the biggest news is the Switch version coming later in the year. This makes total sense. Now if they could just sort out the monetisation balance.

  • Next up, Fallout 76’s apology tour. Two new expansions coming, both free. One bringing traditional Fallout elements like NPC’s and questlines into the game, which is great. The other bringing battle royale, which is not so great. Might be finally time to dip back into Fallout 76… or maybe not.

  • Our first new game announcement was next. Ghost Wire Tokyo, a new action/adventure game from the cats behind The Evil Within. They were careful to stress it isn’t a survival horror game, but it looked pretty creepy none-the-less. The style looks wonderful but with no gameplay on show it is hard to tell.

  • Back into familiar territory with Elder Scrolls Online. A CG promo trailer for the latest expansion which includes Dragons. Cool battle scene with no gameplay and even more disappointingly, No Fus Roh Dah. ESO players should be excited though.

  • Then the biggest worry of the night for me. A new Commander Keen game, on mobile. Look I have waited for a new Keen game for a long time but not like this. I am happy to be proven wrong on this one, I really am, but it just doesn’t look good.

  • Next we had a RAGE 2 trailer, which outlined the game’s future, which is apparently more Rage 2.

  • Now we started to get to the good stuff. Both Wolfenstein: CyberPilot and Wolfenstein: Young Blood got new trailers and release dates, both in July. CyberPilot looks like a good bit of fun, but Young Blood is the real draw. Set in the 1980’s, playing as B J’s daughters. The game is apparently the biggest Wolf yet. I can’t wait.

  • Arkane then hit the floor with a new game announcement. Death Loop is the title and how it plays… well buggered if I know. We saw a fancy CG trailer but nothing more. It is good to know that Arkane is working on something new though.

  • Finally it was Doom Eternal time. We got a release date (22.11.19) and we got a whole bunch of footage. Just soak it all in a get pumped. Disappointed Mick Gordan wasn’t there to get the crowd pumped.

That’s it. Bethesda is all done. A solid show with some misses, some hits and a lot of obnoxious wooing from the crowd. Make sure you stay tuned to the P2 E3 2019 Hub for more conference summaries and all the news as it hits.

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