The 2019 Microsoft E3 Conference Summary

The 2019 Microsoft E3 Conference Summary

Microsoft had the centre stage to themselves this year, with Sony absent from E3 and they seemed to revel in it with quite a long conference. All sorts of goodies on show, including new hardware and exclusive titles. So let’s get into everything from the big green X

  • First up is Outer Worlds and boy o boy am I excited for this one. It came with a new trailer and a release date, 25th of October to be exact. Honestly, I think this was my game of the conference (Cyberpunk is its main competition) and my love for Obsidian means I am on this bad boy, day one.

  • Next, we were treated to the new game from Ninja Theory, Bleeding Edge. Apparently, Ninja Theory has a few buns in the oven and this one was well on its way when MS bought them. It is a 4 v 4 multiplayer game focused on melee combat. The trailer is batty and looks like a good bit of fun. It an interesting turn from Ninja Theory so I hope it pays off.

  • Following that, we jumped straight into Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Look this game is insanely good looking and we already know it is going to be a cracker. There is bad news though, it is not coming until Feb 11 2020. So long to wait.

  • Next on the list, we have Minecraft Dungeons, kind of Fischer Price My First Diablo. Look not for me but I showed my youngest and he is excited. Interesting that it is coming to Switch and PS4 as well.

  • More Jedi Fallen Order was next. A bit of a story trailer. Nothing too new on what we saw yesterday. I am still excited, though it seems a lot of people aren’t.

  • A bit of a surprise for horror fans next with the reveal of a Blair Witch game. Spooky as hell, this one will be for those folks that get a kick out of getting the crap scared out of them. Not for me

  • Now it is time for the game we have all been waiting for, Cyberpunk 2077. A new trailer along with some cool news about the game. The first bit of news, It is coming on the 16th of April next year. The next bit of even cooler news is that John Wick is in the game. Well, not John, but Keanu Reeves. Keanu came on stage, presented like the legend he is and got everyone even more hyped for Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Battletoads in the house and it looks a lot like… well Battletoads. Not sure how the gameplay will hold up, especially if the game isn’t cheap, but I dig the Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic.

  • Now it is time for the obligatory ID@Xbox trailer where they jam a whole bunch of games into one trailer and hope that we catch them all. Some cracking titles in here though and they are all coming to Xbox Gamepass on day of release.

  • A rather interesting trailer hit next. RPG Time: The Legend of Wright. It looks something like a cross between Paper Mario and Lord of the Rings. I am very keen to see if the gameplay holds up to the aesthetic.

  • Gamepass time and the big announcement of the day was without doubt PC Gamepass and Gamepass ultimate. PC Gamepass is live (in beta) right now and Gamepass ultimate is a combo of Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Gamepass and PC Gamepass. This is on $16 bucks a month in Australia and is available now. I have already upgraded. Other news included Metro Exodus, Arkham Knight, Borderlands Collection and Hollow Knight all hit Gamepass today.

  • Perhaps the most surprising trailer of the show, Microsoft Flight Simulator is back. It has been a long time since Flight Sims have had a mainstream release, especially on a console so fans of the genre should be pumped. Everyone else will probably just be confused.

  • A couple of quick trailers next. First Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. Same old Age 2 gameplay with fancy graphics and audio. Can’t complain about that. Next was Wasteland 3, which I am excited for. Looks to have a much higher level of polish when compared to the last title, the Microsoft money is coming in handy for InExile it would seem. Sign me up for both titles.

  • Another big studio acquisition for Microsoft next, teased by Phil Spencer’s shirt earlier and that is Double Fine. I big get for Microsoft and exciting for Double Fine to not have to rely on crowdfunding. Rest assured Playstation and Switch fans, Psychonaughts 2 is coming to both the PS4 and Switch. Here, I’ll let Tim Schafer himself tell you.

  • My kids lost their minds with the next announcement. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. All 9 Skywalker movies in one neat package. It’s Lego, it’s Star Wars, you know you want it.

  • Two really cool trailers next. The first is a play on the Groundhog day scenario called 12 minutes which sees the protagonist try and save his wife and solve a mystery in 12-minute repeating blocks. It looks fascinating. The next is a stunning indie adventure that is called Way to the Woods, where players take control of a Stag. Both games look great.

  • The trademark chainsaw sound can only mean that Gears is next. A little underwhelming showing for Gears I must say, but it seems they are holding more info back for Gamescom. A couple of trailers and a new mode that looks like it could be a lot of fun though. We did get a release date of September 10 (earlier for deluxe edition and Gamepass ultimate) So there really isn’t that long to wait.

  • We followed Locusts with Zombies and Dying Light 2. I am super keen on this game and what I have read about it makes me want it even more. Coming American Spring 2020 so still a while to go.

  • Two new expansions for MS titles now. The first a new story expansion for State of Decay 2 called Heartland. I am always down for more State of Decay 2 so I am happy. The next is a crazy Lego/Forza Horizon 4 crossover that will see lego cars invade our beloved Horizon playgrounds. Both available now.

  • Two SEGA titles are coming to western consoles for the first time thanks to Xbox. Phantasy Star Online 2 and Crossfire X. I have no idea about either title, but from what I can gather both have solid fan bases.

  • The leaked Tales of Arise showed up next, with some stunning visuals and a little bit of gameplay. Not much else though but enough to keep fans of the series very happy.

  • The sounds of Claptrap signal it is time for Borderlands 3. A new trailer showing off the heroes and the announcement of some free DLC for Borderlands 2. It is all Borderlands and that is more than ok.

  • Another leak confirmed with Elden Ring, the From Software/George R R Martin collaboration. The trailer was very moody and bleak and told us absolutely nothing about the game. But it is real and is coming, one would think it is a long way away though.

  • Now it is hardware time. First, a new Elite controller, going to cost a fortune and be super great. Then the big one, Project Scarlett. Microsoft made sure there were no repeats of last gen with the focus firmly on games. Lots of numbers and buzz words thrown at us during the presentation, some of which actually mean something. In all seriousness, I am pumped. I love some new hardware.

  • Finally, we have the first launch title confirmed for Project Scarlett and it is none other than the return of the Master Chief. Halo Infinite launching with a new system is a reason to get excited I feel. Just watch the trailer already.

That’s it from Microsoft, A good show with some great surprises and a few notable absences (Forza and Fable) I got the feeling the Microsoft is holding back a couple of biggies for Gamescom to keep that hype train rolling. Stay tuned for the rest of the E3 conferences and catch all of our coverage at our E3 2019 Hub

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