The Weekly Wrap – 17th of July 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 17th of July 2017

When the Editor is away, the P2 crew will play! That is the story of the week, for while Matt has been sunning himself on a ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the rest of the crew has been pumping out one quality article after another. Player 2 has had a host of great JRPG July post go up, exploring the well-loved genre. All of these can be found in the JRPG July Hub. But that wasn’t enough for the writers of Player 2, not by a long shot. Paul had a look at Farpoint, Jenn reviewed the Crash Bandicoot remake and there was also the usual dose of news and videos that you have all come to expect. So make sure you catch up on all of this great content and get ready for another great week of Player 2 action.

The JRPG July Hub
Patched 17: Andromeda DLC
Blockbuster - Farpoint
Ni No Kuni II Delayed
GT Sport Races to a new Release Date
The Insider - Hey! Pikmin.
Kingdom Hearts III Release Window
Crash Bandicoot - N'Sane Trilogy




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