The Weekly Wrap - 22nd of January 2018
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The Weekly Wrap – 22nd of January 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 22nd of January 2018

This week has been a bit up and down for the team here at Player 2. The down part was when we learned of Youtube’s new restrictions as far as monetisation is concerned. This left the team here a little down because it dented us and some of our ability to cover costs. But the good was our readers rallied around us. We have had over 100 new subs since we issued a call to arms for more subscribers. It is wonderful to see so much support from you all.

On the games front though we kept on pumping out some great articles and videos for you all to enjoy. Paul reviewed Brawlout on the Switch, the entire team got together for the annual P2 Draft and some New Years resolutions and Matt debuted a new feature that looks at Crowdfunding campaigns that are worth a look. As always there was also a host of news and videos to keep you entertained.

So catch up on a great week with Player 2 and get ready for another one to come.

2018's Gaming Resolutions
Player2's 2018 Gaming Resolutions
The 2018 Video Game Draft - Part 1
Brawlout - Review
Brawlout - Review
It's Not Theme Hospital 2, But it will do
It's Not Theme Hospital 2, But it Will Do
A Call to Arms
A Call To Arms
Cotton Eye Joe meets The Mummy in Immortal Redneck
The 2018 Video Game Draft - Part 2
The 2018 Player 2 Video Games Draft
The Insider - Nintendo 2018 Preview
The Insider - Nintendo - The 2018 Preview
Crowdspotting - Nightmarchers
Crowdspotting - Nightmarchers
P2 Plays - Secret of Mana
Player 2 Plays - Secret of Mana
P2 Plays - Next Up Hero




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