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The Weekly Wrap – 29th January 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 29th January 2018

The week just past was the beginning of our YouTube blitz. As you all know we need to get 1000 subscribers to be eligible to earn money from YouTube so in an attempt to get that number we have been getting up brand new videos every day. You should totally check them out (and subscribe while you are there). But those videos haven’t slowed down the written element of P2 in the slightest. We had Sarah take a look at Legrand Legacy, Matt thought about which games from the Xbox back catalogue need a new entry, Paul reviewed AO Tennis and Stephen gave his thoughts on the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta. Of course, that was joined by a healthy dose of news just to top things off.

So start your Monday in the right way, by catching up on a week’s worth of Player 2 and strap in for 7 more days of P2 gaming goodies.

P2 Plays - Brawlout
Brawlout - Review
Dragon Ball FightezrZ - Beta Preview
Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Preview
Xbox: Moving Forward by going Backward
Xbox – Moving Forward by Going Backward
Patched - The Fantasy Games Draft
Patched #23 - The Fantasy Games Draft 2018
AO Tennis - Review
AO Tennis - Review
P2 Plays - AO Tennis
Player 2 Plays - AO Tennis
News Bites - 24th Jan
News Bites - 24th of January 2018
Legrand Legacy
Blockbuster Gaming - Legrand Legacy
P2 Plays - Damsel
Dead Cells Coming to Life on Consoles
Dead Cells Coming to Life on Consoles
The Insider - Xbox 2018 Preview
The Insider - Xbox - The 2018 Preview
P2 Plays - Secret of Mana Pt 2
Secret of Mana
P2 Plays - Battle Chef Brigade


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