The Weekly Wrap - 28th of May 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 28th of May 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 28th of May 2018

Holy moly, the P2 team were firing this week. We had not one, not two but five reviews hit the site. Jenn took on Dragon’s Crown Pro, Paul made the tough choices in Detroit: Become Human, Sarah looked at Little Witch Academia, Dylan hated the loading times of Little Nightmares and new P2 writer Shaun brought crime to a stop with Raging Justice. Phew!

We also began our annual E3 Predictions, with both Sony and Microsoft going under the microscope, Matt took a look at a fancy new keyboard from HyperX and we had the usual dose of news and videos go up to keep everyone happy.

So take half an hour to catch up on all the great things you missed and strap in for a big few E3 focused weeks. It is going to be a fun ride!


P2 Plays - Rage
Player 2 Plays - Rage
Patched - Storytime with Matt Phillips
Patched #36 - April 2018 Patron Exclusive - StoryTime With Matt Phillips
Dragon's Crown Pro - Review
HyperX Alloy FPS Pro - Review
HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
Raging Justice - Review
Raging Justice - Review
P2 Plays - Mechwarrior Online #6
Player 2 Plays - Mechwarrior Online: Part 4
Little Nightmares
Blockbuster Gaming - Little Nightmares
P2 Plays - Tacoma
Player 2 Plays - Tacoma
P2 Plays - Detroit: Become Human
Player 2 Plays - Detroit: Become Human - The Controversial Scene
Detroit: Become Human - Review
Detroit: Become Human - Review
Little Witch Academia - Review
Little Witch Academia: Chambers of Time - Review
The Insider - PS Vita
The Insider #46 - The Vita Is Dead, Long Live The Vita
P2 Plays - A Journey to New Vegas #3
Player 2 Plays - A Journey to New Vegas: Part 3
E32018 Predictions - Microsoft
E3 2018 Predictions - Microsoft
E32018 Predictions - Sony
P2 Plays - I Hate Running Backwards
Player 2 Plays - I Hate Running Backwards


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