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The Weekly Wrap – 20th August 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 20th August 2018

Another week down, another week closer to the crazy season of game releases. We are all enjoying the calm before the storm here and it has given us a chance to tackle some titles and projects that have been ignored due to new releases. Matt dived into Warframe and loved what he found, Sarah had a look at all the winners of the PAX 2018 Indie Showcase winners, Matt Phillips brought us a brand new Late Game Review and Paul continued his journey through Darksiders. To top it all off we had a brand new podcast, with the crew looking at gaming subscription services.

All this is joined by the usual episodes of P2 Plays, The Insider and Patched so there is plenty to keep you busy. So catch up on everything and settle in for another great week on Player 2.

P2 Podcast 33 - Subscription Services
The Player 2 Podcast - Episode 33: Subscription Services
P2 Plays - Mario Tennis Aces
Mario Tennis Aces
I Wandered into Warframe
Patched - August Updates
Patched #44 - August 2018 Updates
P2 Plays - The Walking Dead: The Final Season
Player 2 Plays - The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1 - Done Running
The Late Game Review - The Force Unleashed
the force unleashed
PAX Aus 2018 Indie Showcase Winners Announced
indie showcase
The Insider - Bethesda vs Sony
The Warpath - Darksiders Playthrough 2
Gamer School 1.3 - Seiken Densetsu: The Literacy
Gamer School Lesson 1.3 - Seiken Densetsu: The Literacy

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