The Weekly Wrap – 22nd of April 2019

The Weekly Wrap – 22nd of April 2019

So Player 2 had a few days off over Easter to relax and recharge (and eat our body weight in chocolate shaped bunnies) but that didn’t stop us from getting out some great content to keep all our readers entertained and informed. Shaun found fun in the repetition of Mars Underground, Paul had an interesting vacation in Welcome to Truberbrook, Adam jumped in to let us all know about the latest in esports with another edition of Go For Pro and the team got together for a fresh episode of The P2 PixelCast.

That is not to mention the usual dose of videos and gaming news to keep you up-to-date and ready to face the gaming week. So settle in with a nice cuppa on this Easter Monday and spend some time catching up on Player 2’s coverage.

Go For Pro - IEM and More
Go For Pro - IEM, Esports Open and PubG
P2 Plays - Borderlands Enhanced
Player 2 Plays - Borderlands: Enhanced GOTY Edition
Patched - Ubisoft - The Road to Next Gen
Truberbrook Review
Willkommen zu Truberbrook - Truberbrook Review
P2 Plays - Crash Bandicoot 2: Pt 9
Mars Underground - Review
Mars Underground - Groundhog Day in Pixels
Katana Zero - Beaten by the Board
Player 2 Plays - Katana Zero
Xbox's E3 Plans
Xbox E3 2019 Featured
The Insider - PS5 Detailed
The Insider #107 - PS5 Detailed
The P2 PixelCast 007
The Player 2 PixelCast 007

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