The Weekly Wrap – 27th of May 2019

The Weekly Wrap – 27th of May 2019

Another busy week at Player 2, with a host of reviews and opinion pieces hitting the site. Shaun killed hordes of aliens with Aussie developed OTTTD as well as giving us his thoughts on returning to one of his favourite games of the generation, Dragon Age Inquisition. Dylan took on the Goon Squad, Mutants and bad jokes in Rage 2. Matt gave his thoughts on hype and how to approach it in a great OP and Paul gave us all a brand new episode of Dev Diary with the talented Trevor Dikes.

All that, along with the usual smattering of news and videos for your video game based entertainment. Make sure you catch up with everything and get ready because our E3 coverage starts this week!

OTTTD - Review
P2 Plays - World War Z
World War Z - Braindead Fun
VR Vs Fitness and Fat: Week 2
VR vs Fitness and Fat - Two Weeks of Progress
Patched - Do Game Endings Matter?
Player 2 Plays - The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1 - Done Running
Rage 2 - Review
Rage 2 - It's Tough to Maintain the Rage
P2 Plays - Gato Roboto
Player 2 Plays - Gato Roboto
A Return to Thedas
A Return to Thedas
Dev Diary - Trevor Dikes
Dev Diary Trevor Dikes
Cynicism or Excitement?
Cynicism or Excitement? The Best Approach to Hype
Ancestors Launch Details
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Launch Details Evolve
The Insider - The Sorry State of Square Enix
FFVII Remake Cloud
P2 Plays - Dauntless
Player 2 Plays - Dauntless
P2 Plays - Sunless Sea
Player 2 Plays - Sunless Sea

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