The Weekly Wrap – 13th of August 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 13th of August 2018

It is getting exciting, we are only a little over a month out of the Player 2 Charity Marathon and things are ramping up nicely. We are giving away five Gears of War 4 controllers for people who donate early, so don’t feel the need to wait until the big day to lay your cash down.

As for content on the site,  we had a great week. Paul put in the hard yards, both reviewing Overcooked 2 and putting up a whole host of video content. Matt chipped in with a list of things he would like to see in Doom Eternal and Royce looked at what goes into making sure World of Warships remains historically accurate with an interview with one of Wargaming’s historians. All that along with the usual news and videos from the entire crew.

So make sure get ready for another great week on Player 2 but catching up on anything you missed.

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P2 Plays - Ratchet and Clank
Player 2 Plays - Ratchet & Clank
Patched - Play's Overwatch
Overcooked 2 - A Dish Well Done
Overcooked 2 - A Dish Well Done
P2 Plays - Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Doom Eternal - Hell's Wishlist
Doom Eternal - Hell's Wishlist
Soundfall Announced
Soundfall – Former Epic Games Devs Find Their Rhythm
P2 Plays - Guacamelee
Getting History Right for Wargaming
Insider - IGN and Plagiarism
The Insider #71 - The IGN Dead Cells Plagiarism Plague
The War Path - Part 1
The War Path - Darksiders Playthrough #1 - War Unleashed
Gamer School 1.2
Gamer School Lesson 1.1 - Seiken Densetsu: The History


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