The Weekly Wrap – 1st of October 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 1st of October 2018

Peak release season is well and truly upon us and the Player 2 crew has been busting their backsides to get as many reviews out as possible to keep up with the avalanche of new games. This week Matt took on the slight disappointment of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the 100% amazing Forza Horizon 4, Stephen got his JRPG on with Valkyria Chronicles 4, Dylan backstabbed some mates on the Switch with Armello and Adam built his own arsenal in Mothergunship.

All of this was joined by the usual dose of videos and news from the Player 2 team so there was plenty to keep even the most content starved visitor happy. Catch up on it all below and get ready for another great week of Player 2 action.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Troubled Lara, Troubled Adventure
Patched - Games that Need a Sequel
Patched #49 - Games That Need a Sequel
Forza Horizon 4
Win A Platinum Trophy with Playstation
Win A Real Platinum Trophy With PlayStation Australia
P2 Plays - Burnout Revenge
Burnout Revenge
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Valkyria Chronicles 4 – A New Hope
Armello - Backstabbing on the Switch
The Insider - X018
The Insider #78 - X018 Revealed
P2 Plays - Victor Vran
Victor Vran
Wanted Remakes
Wanted Remakes - Breathing New Life into Fading Classics

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