The Weekly Wrap – 26th of November 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 26th of November 2018

A little on the quiet side for Player 2 this week, mainly because our fearless editor wasn’t in town. That being said the team still managed to cover for his sorry backside and get some quality content out the door. Chris took on the heartbreak of 11:11 – Memories Retold, Nick revisited his childhood with Storm Boy and Matt got lost in West Virginia with the first 15 levels of Fallout 76. Paul also graced us with a wonderful interview with ID Software Honcho Tim Willits, and the team brought their usual dose of videos and news to you all. 

So make sure you catch up on all the Player 2 goodies below and get ready for another great week of Player 2.

P2 Plays - WWE 2K19
Player 2 Plays - WWE 2K19
Fallout 76 - The First 15
Fallout 76 - The First 15
Patched - The Best Platformers
11:11 - Memories Retold
11-11: Memories Retold - Impactful and Uncomfortable
Screencheat Unplugged
Screencheat: Unplugged On Switch Next Week
Dev Diary - Tim Willits
Storm Boy
Storm Boy - Memories of Childhood
P2 Plays - Warframe
Insider - Blizzcon Bungle
P2 Plays - Bayonetta 2
Player 2 Plays - Bayonetta 2
P2 Plays - De Blob 2

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