The Weekly Wrap – 18th of September 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 18th of September 2017

Phew, what a massive week on Player 2. It was the week of Destiny 2 and we have all been madly getting our light levels to respectable levels. But while we were doing that we managed to get some great articles up about Bungie’s latest title and share our thoughts with you all.

Destiny wasn’t the only thing to happen this week either. We had reviews of Ticket to Earth, Everbody’s Golf and Mario + Rabbids go live as well as a new Go for Pro and a host of new episodes of our regular video content. All in all, it was a very busy week for the team.

So settle in and catch up on all the gaming goodies Player 2 brought to you over the past week.

The Fresh and the Familiar
Patched 19 - Updates
Blockbuster Gaming - Ticket to Earth
Lessons Learned
Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Go for Pro - Aussies Love a Good Fight
We are Legends
P2 Plays - Date With Destiny
The Insider - Nintendo Direct
Everybody's Golf
Everybody's Golf™
P2 Plays - Knack 2 and Absolver

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