The Weekly Wrap – 6th of November 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 6th of November 2017

Are you sick of PAX yet? No, we didn’t think so, which is why our PAX coverage keeps on keeping on. Another big week of PAX coverage from the P2 crew, with games, hardware and events all getting a good showing. But that wasn’t the only thing to grace Player 2’s virtual pages. Paul took a look at Friday the 13th and then joined forces with Matt to dissect the Paris Games Week, Sarah got cute with Putty Pals and Royce took a new set of Logitech headphones for a spin.

Another crazy week down and another one to come, including reviews of Horizon’s expansion and the newest Wolfenstein, so make sure you stay tuned on Player 2 for all of the gaming goodies.

An Explosive Charity
VGC 21 - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
P2 vs Playstation at the PGW
Blockbuster Gaming - Putty Pals
Logitech G433 Headphones Review
Blockbuster Gaming - Friday the 13th
The Insider - PSX @ PGW 2017

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