The Weekly Wrap – 19th of November 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 19th of November 2018

As we creep closer to Christmas the games just keep coming. Luckily though, here at Player 2, we are all gluttons for punishment so we try to cover everything that comes our way. This week Matt reviewed the indie Sonic/Final Fight mash-up Speed Brawl, Sarah put the Switch version of Diablo III through its paces and Jenn has entered therapy after being scared stupid by Infliction. Along with these reviews, Royce went hands-on with Diablo Immortal at Blizzcon and Matt put the Razer Ifrit headset through its paces.

As always there was the usual dose of news and videos from the Player 2 crew. So there is plenty to keep even the most content hungry of readers happy. Make sure you catch it all and get ready for another great week of Player 2 action.

P2 Plays - Dusk
Shadows Awakening
Shadows: Awakening - A Showcase for Baker
Diablo III - Switch
Diablo III: Eternal Collection - Portable Demon Punishment
Diablo Immortal - Hands-on
Diablo Immortal: Not the End of Days
Patched - Nintendo Switch Online
Patched #56 - Nintendo Switch Online - The Verdict
Big Bash Boom - Gameplay trailer
Big Bash Boom Injects Arcade Gameplay into Cricket
Speed Brawl
Speed Brawl - Streets of Speed
Razer Ifrit
P2 Plays - Fallout 76
Player 2 Plays - Fallout 76
Infliction - The Love and Hate of Horror
The Insider - Sony Missing E3
The Warpath - Finale
The War Path - Darksiders Playthrough #1 - War Unleashed


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