The Weekly Wrap – 18th of February 2019

The Weekly Wrap – 18th of February 2019

The busiest week of the year so far and the Player 2 team has been running from pillar to post trying to cover it all for you, our dear reader. The big games dropped with a bang last week and as a result, there was a tonne of great stuff up on the site. Matt reviewed the Russian Apocalypse in Metro Exodus while Dylan provided some tips for the journey, Chris and Matt reviewed both the single and multiplayer components of Crackdown 3, Paul jumped out of the gate with some gameplay footage of Far Cry: New Dawn and a new episode of Dev Diary and Jenn let everyone know about the early access horror title, The Blackout Club.

Of course, all of that was joined by the usual dose of videos and news from the team. Massive week right? So catch up on everything below and get ready for another big week, including coverage of Anthem, with the Player 2 team.

The Blackout Club - Early Access
The Blackout Club - Horror With Friends - Early Access Preview
Patched - The Best Year in Gaming
Patched #66 - What Is the Best Year in Gaming?
P2 Plays - Kingdom Hearts
Anthem goes to Elysium
Anthem Goes to Elysium
Metro Exodus - Review
Metro Exodus – An Apocalypse Worth Exploring
P2 Plays - Far Cry New Dawn
Player 2 Plays - Far Cry New Dawn
Tips for Metro Exodus
Spoiler-Free Tips for Playing Metro Exodus,
Dev Diary - Dan Draper
Overwatch League Season 2
The Insider - Nintendo Direct
P2 Plays - Anthem
Player 2 Plays - Anthem
Crackdown 3 - Single-player Review
Crackdown 3 Single Player - Terry is not your Saviour
Crackdown 3 - Multiplayer Review
Crackdown 3 Multiplayer - Potentially Fun, Actually Frustrating
P2 Plays - Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone

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